When it comes to the front exterior door of your home or commercial space in the summertime, there are many terrific decorations and summertime themes you can add to liven up the front entrance and walkway. Of course, regardless of how you want to decorate your home or business location, the key ideas are to make the exterior of your space look and feel appealing to your guests and/or customers. And, while there are some summer themes like the Fourth of July that you may already have ideas and decorations for, for the rest of the summer months, you may want to try less red, white, and blue, and pick colors more in tune with the attitudes of the warmer months of the year.

Picking the right summer hues for decorating your front exterior door and walkways

To begin, choose your colors in a manner that highlights the tones and hues of your home’s exterior and that work well with the style of your existing curb appeal. For example, if your residence or business entrance is flanked by flowers and exterior decor in a variety of tan and brown shades, adding decorations in colors like lavender and cornflower blue will help to accent darker browns during the summer months of June, July, and August, for example. To the contrary, if your exterior is painted stark white and your front entryway is dark mahogany brown, you may want to choose colors reminiscent of the sun, wheat fields, and tones of citrus like yellows, orange tones, and various reddish hues. Additionally, for homes that are painted with more daring colors like green, red, true blue, or bright yellow, you may want to choose accents in tones that offer a grounding sensation to your visitors. Try to pick from neutral shades such as ecru, camel, eggshell, or a variety of beiges and browns.

Make your front exterior door and walkway sing without being too loud.

While it’s certainly true that you want your front of house to be attractive and appealing, you don’t want to overdo things by hanging overly-bright wreaths or other front door decorations. Try to ensure that the colors and size of your decorations don’t overpower your exterior. A good rule of thumb is that visitors should notice your exterior home garlands, ornaments, or streamers and other adornments. To make sure you’re not over-decorating your exterior space, make a habit of previewing your design look from the sidewalk and further off onto the curb. If what you see is too busy, too loud, or otherwise too much, consider going back to the drawing board with your colors and the sizes of your summertime décor.

Summertime themes for homes and commercial spaces from coast to coast

If your home is in New England, you may want your summertime front door décor to include vivacious colors like creams, greens, and deep reds. On the contrary, if you’re decorating your exterior space for summer in the Southwestern U.S., you may want to consider light pinks, pastel shades, and other relaxed shades. And, if you’re home or company location is located in the Southeastern U.S., you may want to go with hues that match the moods of summer in the South, such as deep maroons, vibrant yellows, and bold blues.

To decide which types of garlands and wreaths to hang on your door, or to decide on streamers, milk cans, flowers, or other off-the-door decorations for your front exterior entryway and walkway, the most important thing is to choose colors and styles that complement the tone of your home’s architecture, style, and exterior paint colors. Regardless of how you design and decorate your residential or commercial space this summer, you may want to update your front exterior door. If you are on the hunt for an exterior front entryway for your home or office, ETO Doors invites you to review its inventory at your leisure. With over 40,000 doors in stock and ready to for you to preview within our online catalog, we know you’ll find just what you want right here. Looking for the curb appeal that your home deserves this summer? Let our helpful team of phone agents assist you today by dialing 1-888-DOORS-ETO.