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Oak Door

Solid oak doors are an exceptional option for the interior or exterior entryways of any home or office and offer many benefits. There are a few things you need to know to keep them in good repair, but overall, you will find they offer tremendous benefits in almost all instances.

The Cost of Oak Doors

One thing that drives many consumers away from solid oak doors is the price point. But, they aren’t always as expensive as you might think. ETO Doors offers some oak doors at prices well below $250. If you have planned for the cost of a pricier door, you could spend into the thousands, but generally, the overall cost of a prehung oak door is between $450–$600. Of course, this price will go up if you opt to have your door hand-crafted for your unique new home build.

Keeping Out the Noise

Nothing keeps out the sounds coming from the outside or other rooms of the house like a solid oak door. Because this wood species is so dense and heavy, it creates a terrific sound barrier, allowing you to be at peace in your home office, bedroom, or other room within your home or work space.

Maintaining Oak Doors

One of the downsides of solid oak doors is that they do require refinishing about every three years when used as an exterior door. That means you’ll have to belt sand away the old finish and reapply new finish yourself, which requires taking the door off the hinges; otherwise, you could hire a professional to do the job for you, but this can be pricey.

Because oak doors are so heavy, there can be issues with hinges giving out. For this reason, it’s always best practice to install a solid oak door’s hinges with longer screws, longer hinges, and use screw anchors when installing the door into the doorframe.

Not for Every Environment

Solid oak doors offer tremendous benefits, but if you live in a wet or extremely humid place, oak doors may not be for you. Oak tends to warp, shrink, and swell in humid and rainy climates, so if you live in Washington state or Florida, oak is probably not the most suitable option for your exterior or interior doors.

Versatility of Oak Doors

Solid oak offers many great features when it comes to exterior and interior door designs. ETO Doors offers oak door designs with window panels, wood panels, flush doors, and a number of other options to choose from. And, if you simply cannot find what you are looking for within our inventory of oak doors, give us a call at 1-866-470-0767, and we can design a door made to your unique specifications, measurements, and more.