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Door Knob

How to Fix a Doorknob

Knowing how to fix a doorknob is an essential part of being a homeowner. You’ll find this to be a relatively simple task that requires very little know-how or materials. You will simply need a screwdriver (Phillips or flat head will depend on the doorknob type) and a doorstop. How to Fix a Doorknob in […]

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Door Bell

How to Fix a Doorbell

If a doorbell stops chiming when the button is pushed, it’s usually a sign the doorbell button — and not another part of the doorbell system — has given out. Knowing how to fix a doorbell can save money on repairs and spare visitors to your home from awkward knocking after unknowingly ringing a silent […]

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Door Knob

How to Change and Replace a Doorknob

To change a doorknob that’s damaged or needs a style update to match the direction you’re taking your space, our guidelines help get the job done efficiently and affordably. To begin, you’ll need a new complete doorknob set, any accompanying screws and hardware, and additional wood screws suitable for the type of wood and thickness […]

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Cool Doors

10 Insanely Cool Ideas for Your Door | ETO Doors

Who says that your doors have to be drab and uninteresting? We certainly don’t. If you aren’t ready to replace them, but your home needs a bit of livening up, check out these 10 decorating ideas for your doors: Use Washi Tape: Washi tape has taken the Internet by a storm, and for good reason. Similar […]

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White Door

How to Choose a Door to Match Your Home’s Style

Whether you are building a new home or making some changes on one that you already own, choosing a door to match your home’s style is important. A well-chosen door not only makes your home a more beautiful, comfortable place to live, it also increases “curb-appeal” that can make your home easier to sell. Initial […]

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Front Exterior Door

Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2017 | ETO Doors

2017 is almost here, making it a time for new beginnings. If you are planning to revamp your living space this year here are some of the top trends to consider: 1. Cork Cork paneling on walls is predicted to be a major home remodeling trend in 2017. Not does cork add texture and warmth […]

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Door Accessories

Hardware and Accessories to Bring a Festive Look to Your Door | ETO Doors

Doors aren’t just part of your home. They serve as your first greeting to visitors, preserve privacy in your household, and have a huge impact on how your home appears to others. No matter what the holiday, adding a festive look to your doors is an easy way to express yourself and add some beauty […]

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Christmas Lights

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Front Door | ETO Doors

The doors the focal point on many homes. While the brick, siding, and even window treatments add a lot to the appearance of your home, all eyes end up focusing on the doorway. If you’re decorating the outside of your home for the holidays, remember that your door is front and center and deserves special […]

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Mahogany Door

Everything you Need to Know about Mahogany Wood Doors | ETO Doors

The word “mahogany” is itself synonymous with classically designed and elegant home furnishings, entryways, window frames, and just about any other items made out of wood. Considered by many to be the gold standard, this classic wood is rumored to be costly; but this is simply not an accurate depiction of its true price points. […]

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Knotty Wood Door

Everything you Need to Know about Knotty Wood Doors | ETO Doors

If you have ever wondered what gives knotty wood types their name, it’s the large, swirling knots within the grain of the wood that are generally darker than the rest of the wood within the same tree, slab, door, and furniture. Some of the most popular knotty woods are alder, beech, black walnut, hard and […]

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