The front of your home is your face to the world, which makes choosing all the accents, exterior decor, and front exterior door (or doors) an important job that will ensure you get the curb appeal you want. When it comes to picking your front exterior door, what do you know about choosing the right door for your home, your architecture, and the other design elements you need to know about? At ETO Doors, we know that the seemingly endless options in front doors can make choosing a little harder rather than easier at times, so we’ve broken things down in a way that makes sense to help you choose the entryway that suits the front of your house.

Single front doors

Single front doors are the most common type of front entryway installations, and at ETO Doors, we have a very large selection of these. Because there is such a wide range of single exterior doors, prices range from as low as just around $100 to well up above $2000 depending on the door type, design, craftsmanship, and other features. You can opt for single front doors with fire and impact ratings as well as single entryways for the home with wrought iron embellishments and hand-crafted design work.

French front doors

While the majority of our customers seem to want French doors for the entrance to their back yards or patios, there are some people who really enjoy the look and feel of French exterior doors for the front of the house. While some triple and quadruple-paned French door installations really only work for the rear exterior entrance of a home, some exterior French doors can be installed for the front of the house. Many French doors meant for exterior use also have hurricane-grade impact-rated glass panes, which not only makes them a great choice for areas that experience severe weather events, but also help to stave off home invaders who will not be able to break this kind of glass.

Double front doors

Double exterior front doors are a great way to give your home a grand appeal that is warm and inviting to guests. At ETO Doors, we offer a selection of exterior double front doors and back exterior doors that our clients love to peruse and purchase. Many times, our customers get great ideas from our online catalog of double front doors and then opt to have a set of entryways designed by our team of door makers and hand-crafters. Either way, double doors can change the face of your home and give it the larger-than-life appearance you crave for your curb appeal and for the design and décor for your front of house look. Available mainly in solid wood selections, you can find double exterior doors here in a variety of widths and heights, suitable for a variety of front entryway sizes and styles.

Front doors with sidelites and transoms

If you don’t want a set of French front doors or double exterior-facing doors but have a wider-than-average rough opening in the front of your home, you may want to choose a transom, which will take up the space above the door and/or sidelites, which take up the space on either side of your front exterior door. Transoms come in a variety of heights, widths, and shapes, including square and elliptical, while sidelites are available in several different widths and glass sidelites for you to choose from. At ETO Doors, we sell a wide assortment of transoms and sidelites that work well with numerous different single door styles in an array of different wood types.

Choosing between solid wood, fiberglass, and metal front exterior doors

If you enjoy the look and feel of real wood and don’t mind the work of upkeep and maintenance that solid wood doors need, ETO Doors brings you solid wood front exterior doors in a variety of wood types, including but not limited to mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, white oak, red oak, Douglas fir, knotty alder, and walnut just to name a few.

If, on the other hand you want the look of real wood in a door that is more resilient to shifting and extreme temperatures, high traffic, the sun and other elements, you may be better served by a fiberglass front exterior door. This kind of exterior door can handle all of the variables a front door faces day in and day out while still functioning well year after year with minimal maintenance on your part. The most you will have to do is grease the hinges once or twice a year, and cleaning is simply done with a moist cloth once a month or so.

And finally, for those who want more options in painting or finishing their front exterior door with ease, while also having an exterior front entryway that can handle the rigors of a high traffic area, metal front exterior doors may be just what you’re after. Metal exterior doors can take an absolute beating, and they will never warp or crack the way real wood does. You can paint a metal exterior front door any color you like and repainting as needed is a simple weekend job. Metal exterior entryways don’t work well as double or French doors, but for those on the market for a single exterior door, these make a great low-maintenance choice.