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Door Cost?

How much does a front door cost? The price depends on the material, the manufacturing quality, and the installation costs. When you’re buying a front door, you’re not just purchasing utility; you’re also paying for beauty, function, and security.

Below, we’ll highlight the most popular styles of front doors and their product + installation costs.

Fiberglass Doors Avg. Cost $500 – $2,000 with installation

Fiberglass typically comes with lifetime warranties, which usually provide a homeowner peace of mind. While these doors are typically more expensive, the expectation is that they won’t require regular maintenance or replacement.

Fiberglass doors come in a wide variety of styles, including wrought ironrusticmahogany, or French fiberglass doors.

A fiberglass front door without installation or hardware costs $360 – $1,000.

Wood Doors Avg. Cost $500 – $5000 with installation

Solid wood doors are still considered the highest quality of door available, with most other door styles trying to emulate wood’s natural beauty. However, wood doors also require maintenance every 1-2 years to extend their longevity, otherwise they can fall susceptible to rot, warping, or splitting, and require replacement.

The price of an exterior door depends on the type of wood that is used for the front door (**link to wood types for front door article**); whether the door is 100% solid wood; any hand-carved features; whether it is single or double; and whether it has sidelites, a transom, or glass.

A wood front door without installation or hardware costs $350 – $4,000

Steel Doors (Residential) Avg. Cost $500 – $1,500 with installation

Steel doors are often the cheapest option for a front door, but this cheap material also comes at a compromise. Steel doors typically come in limited colors and styles, making them difficult to match to a home’s design. Steel doors can also swell in extreme heat, and can cause interior condensation when it’s excessively cold outside.

While steel front doors are very durable and secure, they’re also susceptible to rusting if dents or scratches aren’t addressed quickly.

The price of a steel door will increase with decorative styles and if the front door is a double-door or has sidelites.

A steel front door without installation or hardware costs $280 – $1,800

Wrought Iron Doors Avg. Cost $1,500 – $12,000 with installation

Wrought iron doors are beautiful, decorative, and strong doors. These will often have a steel base but are sometimes known to have a wood base as well with wrought iron detail in the glass.

The cost of wrought iron front door purchase and will increase based on the complexity of the wrought iron front door, any additional sidelites, the material of the door base, and the intricacy of the door design.

A wrought iron door without installation or hardware costs on average $900 – $9,000

Front Door Installation Costs

Besides the cost of the doors itself, the second-highest cost for a front door will be professional installation. On average, the cost of installation will likely be between $150-700 for most basic installations, depending on the door type and whether the door is pre-hung.

However, this price will increase based on the complexity of the door installation, whether there are any repairs or reframing to be done, as well as the price for hardware.

When buying a front door, consider these additional front door costs:

  • Installation: $150-$700
  • Removing old door: ~$100
  • Framing, repairing, or reframing a doorway: $200-800
  • Door jambs (including labor and materials): $150-250
  • Knobs & locks: $10-300
  • Hinges: $10-20 (unless for a steel door, then can be as high as $500)
  • Door disposal fee: At least $25
  • Enlarging or modifying a doorway: $7-16 per square foot
  • Electrical work for moving or modifying a doorway: ~$500
  • Waterproofing and sealing: $80-200
  • Painting the door: $80-150

How Long does it Take to Replace a Front Door?

This depends on the current condition to the entryway and whether there are any repairs or adjustments that need to be made to the existing structure. A basic door install will likely take around 4 hours, with more complex doors taking up to a full day.

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