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Big Outdoor

Tips for Living Big Outdoors

When the warm months come around, people love to be outside enjoying the sun, flowers, and fresh air. Creating a usable outdoor living space is a great way to enjoy being outside while also increasing your living space dramatically. Here are a few tips on how to create an inviting outdoor area for your home […]

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Good Tenant

Tips on Being a Good Tenant

Before we become homeowners, most of us find ourselves renting. A house with friends, college apartments, the basement of our aunt and uncles. Whatever it is your rent, there is a certain etiquette that comes with signing a lease. Consider doing the following in hopes that your tenure as a tenant is a good one. […]

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HDTV: Are you on the Bandwidth Yet?

Some of us are always up on the most recent technology: we keep in step with the Joneses so much that we have the latest and greatest gadgets practically before they are invented. Others of us aren’t as hip. This isn’t to say we are Amish, we just can’t seem to part with certain antiquities: […]

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What Your Landlord Won’t Tell You

Many of us are caught in limbo as we wait to buy our first home. Whether we are caught because of a bad housing market or because of a bad balance in our savings account, we are caught just the same. Torn between a mortgage and living with the parents, we decide to rent an […]

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Blocking the Bay: How to Childproof Your Windows

Every year, people open pages of the newspaper to find tragic stories of children falling out of open windows. Windows, when it comes to child safety, are enemies. While it’s easy to assume the parents or babysitter simply committed a huge lapse in judgment, the windows are, quite frankly, the pane: it’s impossible to watch […]

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Football Party Tips

As the football season kicks off, fans everywhere fight for their right to (throw a) party. A ritual of the season, living rooms once used to house dinners and casual visits with friends are turned into the best seats outside of the stadium. Though everyone knows that there are essentials to a good football party […]

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The College Apartment 101

As fall looms around the corner, those of you who are college kids are likely getting ready for life on your own. Packing up clothes and filling suitcases with your parent’s stuff – a stapler, scissors, a plasma television – you head for the hills, or at least the universities. Though some of you will […]

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Hired Help: How to Know When You Need an Interior Decorator

Some people have a hard time asking for help, a difficult time turning over the reigns of control to another person’s hand. While this is part of human nature, sometimes it’s not only okay to ask for help, but it’s necessary. This is particularly true when it comes to home decorating. Home decorating can be […]

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Five Reasons to Finish your Basement

For those of you with a list of home improvement tasks – a few you’ve assigned yourself and a lot your spouse has assigned you – chances are a finished basement hovers somewhere near the top. A task that is a lot of work, it is also one that pays off: a finished basement can […]

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Big House

How to Throw an Open House

Good old house selling. There might be a million things that are more fun, but few that are more necessary. Perhaps you are being forced to relocate for your job, maybe you need to downgrade to a cheaper house, or possibly you just want to move to another neighborhood. No matter why you are moving, […]

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