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Door Materials

Which Material is Best for a Front Door

Your front door is much more than just a functional part of the home. It is also an important addition to your home’s curb appeal, protects against weather, provides energy efficiency, and is one of your first lines of defense for the safety and security of your home. This makes not only the design of […]

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arched Door

How to Install Arched Entryways

While learning how to turn a square rough opening into an arched opening may sound like a very serious, expert-level project, it is usually quite simple. With the right tools and a little know-how, turning your square entryways into arched doorways is—in almost all cases—much easier than the average “do-it-yourself-er” thinks. Here are a few […]

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Patio Door

How to Choose a Patio Door

With current trends in patio doors going taller, wider, and made more for scenic views, picking the right ones for your home may prove to be a little more challenging than in years past. However, the good news is that the quality of these doors has also improved over the past 10 years or so, […]

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French Doors

Window Treatment for French Doors

There are many types of window treatments for French doors that can help add a great deal of character to any space, from your living room to your office and beyond. From curtains and sashes to plantation-style shutters and more, there is a way for you to add the flair you crave for your French […]

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Exterior Doors

How to Replace a Screen Door

If you live in the Southern U.S. or the Southwestern U.S., you probably have at least one screen door—if not an entire screened-off porch—installed in your home, business, or even guesthouse. If you were the one to purchase the screen door, you likely know that a good one isn’t cheap; a quality screen door, is, […]

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Exterior Door Types

How to Fix Sliding Doors

There’s no denying the advantage of having sliding doors. Likewise, a sliding pocket door or apron door inside the home can add to the visual appeal of home décor while also creating the illusion of roomier living space. For all their advantages, few people know how to fix sliding doors, even though they’re becoming increasingly more […]

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Bi-Fold Door

How to Hang a Bifold Door

Knowing how to hang a bifold door will come in handy for homeowners from any walk of life, as they can be used for many different kinds of entryways, closets, and as an alternative to traditional entryways to other rooms and spaces. The following steps will serve to instruct you through hanging bifold doors of […]

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Door Bell

How to Wire a Doorbell

Whether you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer or simply want to change how it sounds when a guest is at your front or rear door, knowing how to wire a doorbell will come in handy. If you’re tired of your current chime, want to create a different chime from backdoor to front door, or simply need to […]

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Exterior Door

How to Paint an Exterior Door

Once you’ve made the final decision to paint your exterior door, set aside a weekend or holiday that allows you to move through the steps with plenty of time for each. It’s critical to nearly every step of painting an exterior door that you choose a dust-free (or at least low traffic area with less […]

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Patio Door

How to Frame a Door Opening

If you have recently moved into a new home and would like to replace one or more of the doors and door frames, this guide will help you remove the old and learn how to frame a door opening. While you do have choices in new doors and frames, you won’t get to decide whether […]

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