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Double Door

Double Doors

  You may not think about doors at all, or you may simply think that a door is a door, right? Well, that is yet to be determined. Certain doors are just simply more appealing than other doors. Certain doors are simply better at enhancing a house or a home than other doors. Take, for […]

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Wood Used for Front Doors

What Wood is Used for Front Doors?

While there are several materials of front doors available, solid wood doors continue to be considered the highest quality material for front doors. These heavy, beautiful doors are the most easily customizable of any door, have gorgeous wood grains that other materials can only imitate, and have unique properties based on the wood species used […]

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Fiber Glass Door

Is Steel or Fiberglass Better for a Front Door?

When it comes to your front door, it’s important to find something that not only complements the style of your home, but that can also withstand the elements and provide security. While solid wood doors are generally considered the highest-quality material for a beautiful, energy-efficient, and durable door, they’re also often a more expensive option […]

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Front Door Cost

How Much Does a Front Door Cost?

How much does a front door cost? The price depends on the material, the manufacturing quality, and the installation costs. When you’re buying a front door, you’re not just purchasing utility; you’re also paying for beauty, function, and security. Below, we’ll highlight the most popular styles of front doors and their product + installation costs. […]

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Sliding Door

French Door vs Sliding Door

When it comes to choosing the doors for your front or rear exterior entryways, it can sometimes be difficult to choose between a set of French doors and a sliding glass door. But, if your home is already outfitted with exterior French doors, you can switch over to a sliding glass door, and likewise, if […]

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Door Type

Differences Between Patio Doors, French Doors, and Double Doors

When most people think of patio doors, what comes to mind are the sliding glass doors on metal tracks that became popular during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. For others, a patio door might mean double exterior doors, like French doors with shutters or Roman shades. But, there are many different kinds of […]

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Flush Doors vs Panel Doors: What’s the Difference?

As they enter the world of remodeling a home or simply replacing an existing door, many people come across a basic question that lays at the crux of their door-purchasing decision: What is the difference between a panel door and a flush door, and could the difference matter to my final choice when buying a […]

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Cabinet Door

How to Make Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors vary in size, style, wood type, and finish. When you decide to make your own cabinet doors, you get to choose at every turn so your cabinets have the exact look and feel you see in your mind’s eye. Using the simple steps outlined below, you will learn how to make cabinet doors […]

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Sliding Door

Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

When choosing window treatments for sliding glass doors, the idea is to strike a balance between the sliding function of the door and the decor of the overall room. There are many window treatment options and ideas available today, but not all will work for your taste, the style you’ve already chosen, or the architecture […]

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Mahogany Door

Everything you Need to Know about Mahogany Wood Doors | ETO Doors

The word “mahogany” is itself synonymous with classically designed and elegant home furnishings, entryways, window frames, and just about any other items made out of wood. Considered by many to be the gold standard, this classic wood is rumored to be costly; but this is simply not an accurate depiction of its true price points. […]

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