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Exterior Door

Why Weatherstripping is a Critical Step in Adding a New Exterior Door to Your Home

When it comes to remodeling the front entryway of your home’s exterior and interior, most homeowners are consumed with details about how the door will look, how easily it will open, whether or not the door itself is sound, impact, and fire rated for safety, and how well the exterior door itself will match the […]

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Squeaky Door

How to Fix Squeaky Doors

There are many reasons a door may be squeaking, but most of these reasons all go back to the hinges, or some part of the hinge assembly on the interior side of the doorframe. Here are a few things to check on to see if you can find the cause of your squeaky door and […]

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Hinge Door

How to Fix a Door Hinge

Knowing how to fix a door hinge on either an interior or exterior door is something every homeowner should know how to do. Depending on the issue, fixing door hinges is relatively easy to do, and unless you have a cracked hinge or doorframe, any door hinge issues you’re having are easily repaired with a […]

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Door Casing

How to Install Door Casing

Knowing how to install a door casing is an important DIY life hack that will keep you from having to hire a handyman or other professional to do it for you. Installing casing should not be done until the doorframe has been completely installed, shimmed, and you’ve ensured the door itself moves smoothly and freely […]

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Door Repair

How to Shim a Door

Knowing how to shim a door will help you resolve a number of issues with all kinds of DIY projects, ranging from the installation of an entirely new prehung door to fixing a door that’s no longer level within its frame. How to shim a door in preparation for prehung doorframe installation When installing a […]

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Avoiding a Burglary

Robbed: Tips on Avoiding a Burglary

Every day, thousands of people come home or wake up only to realize they’ve been robbed. A real threat to any homeowner, burglary can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a house and a family. Still, there are ways to make a homeless “robber friendly” and thus, less likely to fall […]

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Door Accessories

Door Accessories

The term door accessories may seem kind of funny to you. You may be wondering what exactly are door accessories. Are door accessories something doors put in their hair? Are door accessories made up of a pearl necklace or a diamond bracelet? Do doors make a point to make sure their door accessories match with […]

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Door Jambs

Those of you not privy to the door world may constantly wonder what door jambs are for. Keeping you up at night, door jambs may dance in your heads, replacing the visions of sugar plums; door jambs may haunt your dreams. You may try to assure yourself that you do in fact know the purpose […]

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