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Door Trends

Door Trends for 2019

At the turn of the new year, the marketplace is looking forward to door trends that will stay around longer in 2019. Where interior and architectural design trends in past years have often lasted 3-5 years, recent trends are becoming more and more about longevity and stability. While the prices of homes and home renovation […]

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Double Door

Double Doors

  You may not think about doors at all, or you may simply think that a door is a door, right? Well, that is yet to be determined. Certain doors are just simply more appealing than other doors. Certain doors are simply better at enhancing a house or a home than other doors. Take, for […]

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Door Materials

Which Material is Best for a Front Door

Your front door is much more than just a functional part of the home. It is also an important addition to your home’s curb appeal, protects against weather, provides energy efficiency, and is one of your first lines of defense for the safety and security of your home. This makes not only the design of […]

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Wood Used for Front Doors

What Wood is Used for Front Doors?

While there are several materials of front doors available, solid wood doors continue to be considered the highest quality material for front doors. These heavy, beautiful doors are the most easily customizable of any door, have gorgeous wood grains that other materials can only imitate, and have unique properties based on the wood species used […]

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Fiber Glass Door

Is Steel or Fiberglass Better for a Front Door?

When it comes to your front door, it’s important to find something that not only complements the style of your home, but that can also withstand the elements and provide security. While solid wood doors are generally considered the highest-quality material for a beautiful, energy-efficient, and durable door, they’re also often a more expensive option […]

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Front Door Cost

How Much Does a Front Door Cost?

How much does a front door cost? The price depends on the material, the manufacturing quality, and the installation costs. When you’re buying a front door, you’re not just purchasing utility; you’re also paying for beauty, function, and security. Below, we’ll highlight the most popular styles of front doors and their product + installation costs. […]

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Modern Door

Summertime Door Decor Inspiration, Ideas, and Themes for Seasonal Entryway Looks

When it comes to the front exterior door of your home or commercial space in the summertime, there are many terrific decorations and summertime themes you can add to liven up the front entrance and walkway. Of course, regardless of how you want to decorate your home or business location, the key ideas are to […]

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doors trim external

Door Trim Ideas for Different Exterior Door Styles

For the exterior entryways into your home, there are numerous different methods you can use to accent the door itself while also creating an inherently appealing display for best front-of-house design and curb appeal. Knowing the nomenclature for different types of door trim and other design elements for the front entrance into your home is […]

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Front Exterior Door

How to Pick a Front Door for Your Home

The front of your home is your face to the world, which makes choosing all the accents, exterior decor, and front exterior door (or doors) an important job that will ensure you get the curb appeal you want. When it comes to picking your front exterior door, what do you know about choosing the right […]

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Exterior Door

Why Weatherstripping is a Critical Step in Adding a New Exterior Door to Your Home

When it comes to remodeling the front entryway of your home’s exterior and interior, most homeowners are consumed with details about how the door will look, how easily it will open, whether or not the door itself is sound, impact, and fire rated for safety, and how well the exterior door itself will match the […]

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